At the Patrick C. Hagen ENT & Sinus Clinic we understand that sometimes, even after excellent medical treatment, problems persist.

After thorough medical treatment has been unsuccessful, we offer specialty procedures such as: Placement of Ear Tubes (PET) for recurrent or persistent ear infections; Removal of Tonsils & Adenoids (T&A) for persistent infections or airway obstruction; Uvulopalatoplasty (UP3) for snoring and sleep disorders; Minimally invasive Sinus procedures, including Functional Edoscopic (FESS) and/or balloon sinuplasty (BS), to alleviate the effects of persistent nasal/sinus disease; Septoplasty and/or turbinate procedures to restore normal nasal breathing, impaired as a result of an accident or trauma; Micro Laryngeal Procedure for vocal cord nodules or diseases affecting the voice. We offer many excellent healthcare services that help resolve your ENTS problems that are affecting your health and quality of life. We would rather help you resolve your health problems while they are small, in order to prevent larger or more chronic health problems from occurring. Dont wait for your health to be in question, schedule an appointment with us today!